What I miss the most...

I miss the sweet guy I fell so hard for.

I miss the phone calls when he is out & Im not with him.

I miss the way his hand feels in mine.

I miss the way his lips can always find mine & bring me back home.

I miss the lil ramblings that only he & I got.

I miss the deep, country boy voice.

I miss being called "shug".

I miss his sweet lil ass.

I miss talkin about the bad ass kids.

I miss the non-stop talks even when there is nothing more left to say.

I miss the days when there was never a fight.

I miss the the way he says my name.

I miss the way he looked into my eyes & said I love you.

I miss the random stuff that comes out of his mouth.

I miss the excietment that is Josh.

I just miss him...

1 comment:

Renee said...

Much much much hugs... I'm so sorry.