Well Hello...

After a year of no blogging I am thinking that it might be time to start up again.
We shall see if this is a good idea or if it even works!
Hope everyone has been good!
It's time to start catching up...


It's your Avon lady calling

So, I am now selling Avon!! Come check out my website. You will find super deals & steals. You will also great free shipping with every order that is over $30. Or for you locals you will always get free shipping when you click to have it shipped to me & then I bring it by.
Anybody that wants samples, let me know & I will get that & a catalog out to you in the mail if you are not local.
Thanks for reading, looking & maybe shopping with me! Please pass this link along to your friends as we totally need any extra income we can get at the moment. Matter of fact if you post my Avon website link on your blog, facebook, myspace, tweet about it, text me where you did it & your address & I will send you some free Avon! :)


Call or text me @ (903)220-3055

Stacia Howard



*It's been a whirlwind in the Howard house. So much has happened. Let me see if I can catch ya up (if ya even missed me at all)!

*I had my first back surgery last monday the 21st, it was AWFUL & sooooo very painful. Things didn't go very smoothly and it seems I am having a rare reaction were my nerves are more sensitive & causing me more pain & my muscles are getting tighter & cramping up more therefore causing more spasms. I was put on bedrest on Thursday for 7-10 days. Please pray that things will get worked out & that I can start to be pain free very soon. And again thank you all who have keep me in your prayers, thoughts & vibes. :)

*Jaxson has a job now!! Thank you, Jesus! The pay is ok (way, way less than what we are use to. We are talking more than half of what he was bringing in before), but we have a job & income coming in so I am more than thankful! God really looked out for us during this rough two months but things are starting to come together. We have a lot of catching up to do (bill wise & money we owe to my mom & brother) but I hope to have that paid off by Christmas.

*Speaking of Christmas...I don't know if I had blog about how I really wanted to do a homemade Christmas this year. Not a totally handmade but a lot of it. Not for money reason's (I had made up my mind before Jaxson lost his job that I wanted to do this), but because I want to make things simple as I can for my kids, myself, our family. For gifts to mean something. Layla is getting a dream kitchen that will make most grown women envy her! All handmade by myself, her Uncle Brant (my bro), & my Daddy's father. We've been working on plans & ideas all weekend & I am totally excited!! If this goes well then for her birthday she will be getting the matching, handmade, wooden washers & dryers & an ironing board. I have already started on her felt food & apron. I have a few other ideas for her & of course a few things I need to buy but because her handmade gift is her big one she is pretty much done. More details on all her goodies in another post.

*Now, this male child of mine is a little harder to do the handmade things for but I think I got it... a tepee! But if you have any other really neat, handmade ideas let me know! For either Ryker or Layla.

*We no longer have internet at our house (bummer). But after tons of problems with them & all sorts of stuff. We just had it turned off for a few months. It will help with getting other things paid off as well. And honestly I may keep it turned off till we can afford to buy a new computer. Ours is just getting way old & overloaded. And at times it just doesnt seem worth it so as of now we dont have internet at our house but I will be checking in when at my Mom's & stuff. So, text me if you need me or miss me! Even if you have never texted me before do so now! Im on bedrest & could totally use the company! (903)220-3055

I've been super busy with some crazy great orders & I can't wait to share them with you as soon as I can! Hope everyone is doing good. Talk to ya soon!


Feeling a lil refreshed

Even though I have spent some time in the hospital this weekend, I feel better. My spirit feels WAY better.
I have been at my Mom & brother's house with my husband & kids & truly have had a wonderful time just relaxing, playing games, doing laundry, watching tv & just resting. It was truly what my soul needed.
Thanks for all the wonderful emails, text & comments. You guys rock!
I love you all & hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Craptastic Week

Let's see here are random things that have happened in the last few days:

*Looks like my husband's unemployment won't be going through after all. And rent was due yesterday. Not to say anything about diapers & gas.

*My very best friend in the whole world, Brandy, is moving back to LA for at least a year. My heart is broken.

*Layla started off sick, then myself & now Ryker.

*I wont be going to see the Surgeon again till the very end of next week. Im out of pain pills. This just makes everything much worse. I *hate* being in this type of pain.

*My house looks like animals live here. It's a mess. But Im sure not going to keeping bending over to clean when & kill my back even more when nobody else is helping.

Please pray for me, for this whole family. God knows everything that is wrong.


Halloween Swap...Anyone???

Last year around this time I hosted a Halloween swap & had lots of fun! I was just wondering who might be interested in doing it again this year. If you think this is something you would want to do then hit me back! If you need more info, have questions then ask me!
Right now this is just to see who might want to play along. This is NOT the official sign up.

About the Swap:
Every lady will be randomly paired with some other lady & each will send the other a Halloween package full of all kinds of goodies! Rules are that there must be at least one handmade item. ANYTHING that you want to make as long as its handmade & relates to the theme of the swap (which this one is Halloween). Everything else can be bought in the store. Also include a card for your swap partner. Price limit is $20 BEFORE shipping! And try to come as close as you can to the limit so that every trade is fair.
We had a lot of fun last year & got some great little items out of it! So, let's go for it again this year! I know I sure could use the uplift right now.

Stacia Howard


Awesome Giveaway at Gravity Of Motion...

Jane Anne over at Gravity Of Motion is having a lovely giveaway! Lot's of goodies like Starbucks & Target Giftcards! I know we sure could use that Target gc for diapers!
Go check it out & let her know I sent you so I get another chance to enter the contest. Like I said that Target gc would be blessing right now. No job doesn't mean that Layla doesn't stop wearing diapers. Good luck to you!



A Pillowcase Dress...or Two

Miss Layla's Halloween dress I made her.
(Close up of the fabric so you get a better idea)

I think that the ribbon I used for this one totally makes this dress! She wore it Friday night for the first time and we got ton's of comments!

(Again a close up but you still can't see all the detail of this fabric, I love it!)
These two were my first sewing projects that I did 100%, totally on my own.
Nobody helping.
No pattern.
Just me.
Im rather proud of myself! I think they turned out cute & were super simple.
I have more problems with my sewing machine than with the project itself! lol
As soon as I get all the kinks worked out of the machine itself, I will be crancking these dresses out by the dozen! I bought a TON of fabric before Jaxson lost his job.
Now, I just have to make the matching bows!


/// ~Picture Overload~ ///

Lil Miss & her OH faceYours Truly (this girl <3's her zebra print)

All smiles...all the time!

Really lost in thought here

My sweet, goofy girl

He looks soo old here! His Daddy told him to look tough and I think he got it. WOW!

I Love my man & the pics he gets of me!

Aww...we really love each other...no matter how it looks here...lol

My baby lady showin off one of her Mommy's creations

My pretty bug, struttin her stuff!



Ugh...I feel it...like a dark, black, cloud hanging over me...things are falling apart it seems...everywhere...Im starting to get scared...panic is rising up all over me...body shaking...knees weak...heart pounding...breathing is getting harder...sleep is more of a dream than a reality...the pain is getting far worse...Im scared...Im tired...Im so sick of this...all of it...I can't take much more...



  1. To spray paint something...anything...
  2. Hot glue something...
  3. Sew some little something...
  4. Add an initial so some object that can run away...
  5. Make a garland...
  6. Roll some diapers...
  7. Cut some tulle...
  8. Fold, wrap, bend some ribbon...
  9. Glue some paper, add some embellishments & throw on a picture or two...
  10. Take apart a flower, add some bling...
  11. Play with buttons...
  12. FINALLY get my decor arranged the way I see it in my head...
  13. Get that office space of mine complete...
  14. Finish that outdoor space...
  15. Find the "perfect" window treatments for 3 rooms...
  16. Get something, anything for the front door...
  17. Clean, purge, & organize this house...
  18. Cook dinner...
  19. Get that all important text or two
  20. The results from the interview on Monday...

I feel the need to craft. Not for TPB. But for me. I have had so many orders that I haven't had the chance to do anything for myself. It's very important to me that I create every single day. Something for me. Or something for someone. Not just something I was paid to create. While I love making items for my customers, it's a true joy, I need more.

It seems Im lacking in the craft department today. Im missing something to complete any project I want to start. And with Jaxson not having a job now I can't just pop up & run to the store.

I threw together some no bake chocolate cookies. Took out some salmon for dinner. Both kiddos are gone. Jax is asleep on the couch. Rain has been a visitor all day. And my mood is very blue.

Should I bite the bullet & grab a few bucks & get some new supplies? Or buck up and save those few bucks for the unknown?


This One's for you Carrie...

Wish you were here to enjoy it with me.... :)


My Husband Lost his Job...

Yesterday, Our world was turned upside down.
Jaxson lost his job.
After busting his ass for this company for 9 years they let him go for doing the right thing.
He was this store's general manager & he had no clue.
It's scary.
It sux.
It's totally not fair. (I will go into exactly why in another post though)
Please say a prayer for us because he was the only one who worked. I make extra money with Tickled Pink Boutique & thank you Jesus, that the last few weeks I have been super busy with orders. Thank you, JESUS! Yesterday, before this all happened I got another $117 in orders so it will help. So, just a reminder if you guys have ever wanted to order anything from me, now is the time! We could use any little thing we can get.
Please keep the Howard family in your thoughts & prayers. I really feel this was the best thing for us, something better us ahead for us all. Just two day before this happened Jaxson said he was tired of working there & needed a change, needed to be home more. But there is a huge difference from leaving & being forced to leave.
Again, thanks for keeping us in thoughts & prayer.


New Set: *RoCk StAr PrInCeSs*

Introducing our newest set at Tickled Pink Boutique:
*RoCk StAr PrInCeSs*
Custom made onesie or shirt (any size) & matching bow!

Close up of the bow which features ribbon, tulle & pink ice bling!
Perfect set for your lil rock star princess!!


It's Official: I'M AN AUNT!!!

He was one week late & gave us an awful scare but he FINALLY came safe & sound!Robert "Jace" Howard-Parker ~ *9lbs 4oz *21.5 inches
First time his Uncle Jaxson got to hold him

The proud father lookin over his baby boy!

Proud Aunt & her lil man
(Im going to have to teach Ryker how to hold the camera at a more flattering angle. lol)

Jace & his oldest cousin, Ryker.
Ryker was way excited about holding him. Which is crazy since he has a baby sister to hold ALL the time. lol

New Mommy, Jace & Layla.
Layla wanted to see the baby & touch him.
But she wasn't sure at the same time. She became very fussy & whiney when certin people held the baby. She was really cute with him though. One of the first things she did was put her little finger on his tiny nose & say "Nose!"
Then again she kept tryin to take his paci away from him too.
She see's ANY paci & she trys to get it.
Don't get in the way of the girl's paci's! lol

Just a quick peek at the door wreath I made for Jace.
Colors match his nursery. Super cute! Very proud of it. I was at a totally loss as what to make so it didn't get made until the wee hours of Saturday morning.
I ended up giving my number to the nurse who was helping us, she fell in love with it & just had to have my number! YAY ME!!
Oh, the best part about this project?
It cost me a whole $1 to make!!
Can you believe it!?!?
I had everything on hand already but the wreath form which I picked up at $ Tree.
Just a lil interesting if for ya:
Jace was born the day after mine & Jaxson's wedding anniversary & he is also my first nephew.
My Mom's first nephew was born the day after her & my Daddy's wedding annivarsery.
Kinda neat!