*It's been a whirlwind in the Howard house. So much has happened. Let me see if I can catch ya up (if ya even missed me at all)!

*I had my first back surgery last monday the 21st, it was AWFUL & sooooo very painful. Things didn't go very smoothly and it seems I am having a rare reaction were my nerves are more sensitive & causing me more pain & my muscles are getting tighter & cramping up more therefore causing more spasms. I was put on bedrest on Thursday for 7-10 days. Please pray that things will get worked out & that I can start to be pain free very soon. And again thank you all who have keep me in your prayers, thoughts & vibes. :)

*Jaxson has a job now!! Thank you, Jesus! The pay is ok (way, way less than what we are use to. We are talking more than half of what he was bringing in before), but we have a job & income coming in so I am more than thankful! God really looked out for us during this rough two months but things are starting to come together. We have a lot of catching up to do (bill wise & money we owe to my mom & brother) but I hope to have that paid off by Christmas.

*Speaking of Christmas...I don't know if I had blog about how I really wanted to do a homemade Christmas this year. Not a totally handmade but a lot of it. Not for money reason's (I had made up my mind before Jaxson lost his job that I wanted to do this), but because I want to make things simple as I can for my kids, myself, our family. For gifts to mean something. Layla is getting a dream kitchen that will make most grown women envy her! All handmade by myself, her Uncle Brant (my bro), & my Daddy's father. We've been working on plans & ideas all weekend & I am totally excited!! If this goes well then for her birthday she will be getting the matching, handmade, wooden washers & dryers & an ironing board. I have already started on her felt food & apron. I have a few other ideas for her & of course a few things I need to buy but because her handmade gift is her big one she is pretty much done. More details on all her goodies in another post.

*Now, this male child of mine is a little harder to do the handmade things for but I think I got it... a tepee! But if you have any other really neat, handmade ideas let me know! For either Ryker or Layla.

*We no longer have internet at our house (bummer). But after tons of problems with them & all sorts of stuff. We just had it turned off for a few months. It will help with getting other things paid off as well. And honestly I may keep it turned off till we can afford to buy a new computer. Ours is just getting way old & overloaded. And at times it just doesnt seem worth it so as of now we dont have internet at our house but I will be checking in when at my Mom's & stuff. So, text me if you need me or miss me! Even if you have never texted me before do so now! Im on bedrest & could totally use the company! (903)220-3055

I've been super busy with some crazy great orders & I can't wait to share them with you as soon as I can! Hope everyone is doing good. Talk to ya soon!

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