It's your Avon lady calling

So, I am now selling Avon!! Come check out my website. You will find super deals & steals. You will also great free shipping with every order that is over $30. Or for you locals you will always get free shipping when you click to have it shipped to me & then I bring it by.
Anybody that wants samples, let me know & I will get that & a catalog out to you in the mail if you are not local.
Thanks for reading, looking & maybe shopping with me! Please pass this link along to your friends as we totally need any extra income we can get at the moment. Matter of fact if you post my Avon website link on your blog, facebook, myspace, tweet about it, text me where you did it & your address & I will send you some free Avon! :)


Call or text me @ (903)220-3055

Stacia Howard


Carrie said...

Avon, eh? Fun!
Hope it is just as much successful, as it is enjoyable. I've always loved their stuff.
Glad to see you guys are doing well. I'm so sorry I've been out of touch. My laptop crashed and burned a few weeks ago, my computer time is so limited now. I'm sorry to hear recovery from surgery has been painful, you are in my continued prayers girly. I miss chatting with you! Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween!

dont eat the token said...

Hope you're seeing success in your new venture! Happy new year!

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