Feeling a lil refreshed

Even though I have spent some time in the hospital this weekend, I feel better. My spirit feels WAY better.
I have been at my Mom & brother's house with my husband & kids & truly have had a wonderful time just relaxing, playing games, doing laundry, watching tv & just resting. It was truly what my soul needed.
Thanks for all the wonderful emails, text & comments. You guys rock!
I love you all & hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Carrie said...

Life..sometimes we just get our fill of the crap, huh? :( It's good that you've had some time to relax and recharge your spirit. Keep on keeping on, God has a plan and his blessings are on the way. I'm very sorry things are tough right now. I wish I were closer so I could lend you a hand, and be a friend. *Hugs*

dont eat the token said...

Glad to hear your spirits have lifted. :)