New Set: *RoCk StAr PrInCeSs*

Introducing our newest set at Tickled Pink Boutique:
*RoCk StAr PrInCeSs*
Custom made onesie or shirt (any size) & matching bow!

Close up of the bow which features ribbon, tulle & pink ice bling!
Perfect set for your lil rock star princess!!


Candy Hart said...

Hey I saw something the other day that reminded me of you and I thought it would be a good idea for your business since you make all these cute baby things!! Anyway, it was a boquet of flowers! it had regular leafs but the flowers were made out of those onsies, booties, bibs, wash clothes and all that other baby stuff. You should really try it, your really talented and i think you could do it.

Carrie said...

The cuteness, made me giggle! I love it. :)
I'm still waiting for the day I can dawn little bows on E's head.