It's Official: I'M AN AUNT!!!

He was one week late & gave us an awful scare but he FINALLY came safe & sound!Robert "Jace" Howard-Parker ~ *9lbs 4oz *21.5 inches
First time his Uncle Jaxson got to hold him

The proud father lookin over his baby boy!

Proud Aunt & her lil man
(Im going to have to teach Ryker how to hold the camera at a more flattering angle. lol)

Jace & his oldest cousin, Ryker.
Ryker was way excited about holding him. Which is crazy since he has a baby sister to hold ALL the time. lol

New Mommy, Jace & Layla.
Layla wanted to see the baby & touch him.
But she wasn't sure at the same time. She became very fussy & whiney when certin people held the baby. She was really cute with him though. One of the first things she did was put her little finger on his tiny nose & say "Nose!"
Then again she kept tryin to take his paci away from him too.
She see's ANY paci & she trys to get it.
Don't get in the way of the girl's paci's! lol

Just a quick peek at the door wreath I made for Jace.
Colors match his nursery. Super cute! Very proud of it. I was at a totally loss as what to make so it didn't get made until the wee hours of Saturday morning.
I ended up giving my number to the nurse who was helping us, she fell in love with it & just had to have my number! YAY ME!!
Oh, the best part about this project?
It cost me a whole $1 to make!!
Can you believe it!?!?
I had everything on hand already but the wreath form which I picked up at $ Tree.
Just a lil interesting if for ya:
Jace was born the day after mine & Jaxson's wedding anniversary & he is also my first nephew.
My Mom's first nephew was born the day after her & my Daddy's wedding annivarsery.
Kinda neat!


Carrie said...

Awww congratulations Auntie. He's a little doll! Love that big binky under his cute little nose, awwww. :) How cute is Layla sitting there, she looks so curious.

Carrie said...

The picture of the cute little wreath you made didn't show up the first time, I refreshed and there it is! Great job, so cute! I love the little puppy, where do you find those?

Cassandra-ann said...

Congratualtions Auntie !!!
He is adorable and i LOVE the wreath you made for him :-)