My Husband Lost his Job...

Yesterday, Our world was turned upside down.
Jaxson lost his job.
After busting his ass for this company for 9 years they let him go for doing the right thing.
He was this store's general manager & he had no clue.
It's scary.
It sux.
It's totally not fair. (I will go into exactly why in another post though)
Please say a prayer for us because he was the only one who worked. I make extra money with Tickled Pink Boutique & thank you Jesus, that the last few weeks I have been super busy with orders. Thank you, JESUS! Yesterday, before this all happened I got another $117 in orders so it will help. So, just a reminder if you guys have ever wanted to order anything from me, now is the time! We could use any little thing we can get.
Please keep the Howard family in your thoughts & prayers. I really feel this was the best thing for us, something better us ahead for us all. Just two day before this happened Jaxson said he was tired of working there & needed a change, needed to be home more. But there is a huge difference from leaving & being forced to leave.
Again, thanks for keeping us in thoughts & prayer.

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Cassandra-ann said...

Oh Stacia, i am so sorry, but like you said i am sure something better is just around the corner!
I will be keeping you in my prayers

Cassandra xx