Just a lil bit crazy over these

Ok, this is such a fluff, all girly post but I am so in love with these products that I just had to write about them!
Aussie hair products by far are one of the BEST out there & are so super cheap! I didn't pay more than $3.00 a piece for these. The shampoo (Aussome volume) makes my hair so full & shiny, I couldn't ask for more from it. The 3 minute miracle deeeeep reconstructor leaves my heavily dyed, course hair super soft & looking great! I LOVE LOVE that stuff! I have used the 3 minute miracle for many years & would be lost without it. But my new find from Aussie is their Dual personality anti-frizz cream & leave in conditioner. What a wonderful thing this is! Two very important things my hair needs. From all the abuse it takes from daily straightens with the chi & the dyes & all, this has been a total miracle for me. I have used very high end, break the bank products & never got the results this stuff gives. And all of the Aussie products smell great!

Now, I have had some real problems with my skin since I was about 12 years old. Always breaking out & shiny or too dry. I have tried everything you can think of. Stuff from Doctors & stuff you buy at the drug store & dept. stores. Until I came across Proactiv. Now, this stuff is L-O-V-E in the form of a 3 step skin care! This stuff has helped my skin, not just with breakouts (which I have only had one the whole time I have used this stuff) but with the texture of my skin, the whole appearance & so on. I can not tell you how wonderful Proactiv is. I would totally recommend this to anyone with skin problems or not. It's that great!

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