Random thoughts

*I'm totally frozen! I am so freakin cold & I can not warm up! This morning when I got out to take Ryker to school there was real ice all over the car! Yuck!

*I gotta give some mad love to Jaxson for hookin a girl up! I was able to get 2 pair of chuck taylors for Ryker for $30!

*So, my chi broke a few weeks back & I have been totally lost & bummed about it. I was looking at the Target sell ad last night & just for the Christmas season they are selling chi's! Whoa! But get this, they are only $80! My awesome Mom is heading there on her lunch break to buy me one!

*I'm so lost as to what to do over my month off & Ryker's Christmas break. He wants to go play Lunar golf & go to the zoo (if its not way cold). Other than that Im not sure. I did call my grandmother & asked her if we could go & volunteer at helping hands with her one day. We will see.

*Did I tell just how cold I am? lol It's drivin me up the wall!

*Chris called me last night & it felt soooooooo good to just talk. I miss him this time of year. Last Christmas it was the same, he is so busy with work & I just miss his sweet ass! Although, he did make more time for me then as I was his girlfriend but the fact that he is still making time for me means the world! God, I love that man!

*The no smoking thing isnt really working out. lol I have cut back but Im still smokin.

*Some people really are just way to damn predictable. MOST people do not change. No matter the good intentions they have, they just cant change. Some people just can't help it. Oh, well. Live & learn.

*Ever get what you want & as it turns out its not what you wanted?

*I spent 4 hours last night talkin to Joe. I hadn't talked to him in like 7 months really & it was really nice. I missed the Old man! ;)

*Men without a doubt suck balls! I honestly have no faith in the male sex.

*Most of my family (on my mother's side) suck as well.

*To all who have sent me messages in the last few days, you guys totally rock! I love each & every one of y'all! *muah*

*Chris~ You are my heart baby! I love you more than words & always will. Things totally suck but we have made it this far. You are my bestest friend & I wouldn't dream of changing things. NOTHING compares to your first true love...

*So, Hammontree & I made nice. I guess at some point we had to but Im just glad we could be adults & move on. And although I wouldn't dare dream of sayin it back to you then Josh, I too do miss that time at night.

*Im really gonna try to stop smoking again. I went 6 months & I could kick myself for starting again. (It's all Josh's fault lol) Starting today, so wish me luck.

*Im totally clueless what to get my child for Christmas. Really everyone. I haven't even started shopping yet. Every other year I have been long done by this time.

*This "thing" that's been going on with this guy, well, it just hit me that its total bullshit. Which really sucks but nothing I can do about it now. Oh, well I was warned & I didnt listen. Told ya Im a sucker for punishment.

*Im HATING this cold front! I cant get warm!

*Only 2 more weeks left at work till I get a whole month off! WOOHOO!!

Have a fab day bitches!! Love you all!! *kissy kissy smoochie smoochie*

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