Yesterday my boss called me in for today.
Weather is NASTY, bad. Looks like I may not have to go.
Ryker had to go to school this morning but Im sure he will
get out early. Please let this be a snow day.
I need to scrap something fierce. Im thinkin of
doing the cards like Lis. Loves that idea!
Hoping my netflicks gets here today.
Missing Steve & wishin I would have let me buy me
that laptop now. It's so flippin cold! I was reading a blog yesterday that
gavea link to this awesome MALE scrapper. Kraft.
I think I love this boy!
Truly talented lil man! Love his style & and we both love the same movies!
Im going to *try* & brave this fuckin cold shit and smoke now.
Wish luck bitches! *smoochies*

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