Today's obsession

Today's obsession:
The Devil wears Prada. Loved, loved, loved this book! I was totally obsessed the whole time I was reading this book. About half way through the book I found out they were shooting the movie right then. I was excited but didn't want to get my hopes up to high as most books turned into movies suck ass. TDWP didn't disappoint me! I do have one gripe & its a big one but other than that one thing I love the movie. Beautiful people. Beautiful clothes. Insanely great actors. Humor. Good story. You just cant go wrong with this flick.But back to that one lil gripe. In the end of the movie they made it out the boss to have somewhat of a heart. Now, that really bugged me because she NEVER EVER showed any sort of emotion at all in the book. She was a total bitch so it just really bugged me. Otherwise it was a great adaptation. I watched the movie last night & I am watching it yet again right now. LOVE, LOVE this!!

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