Just lookin for a reason to not do homework

I have TONS of homework to do but have put it off till today. Not very wise but that is me. Always wait to the last minuate, so it seems. Well, this guy I had been dating & I have not talked all weekend at all. I really thought that Rob was the kind of guy that would show me that not all guys are alike but I guess not. No biggie really cause I couldn't ever see us going anywhere in the long run. Nothing more than friends is the vibe I got but I am still a lil hurt that I haven't heard anything from him. Just strange is all. I worked out yesterday & tanned & I felt great! Can't wait to go today. Ryker is doing really well in school. His reading has jumped so much that I took him out last night as a lil treat. He had a so much fun playing at Kid's Station. My baby is getting so close to 7! I can't believe it! I bought tons of scrap stuff last weekend. I mean tons! I spent hundreds of $$ but I needed all new stuff & I had the money for once so I went for it. I really wanted to play with it this weekend & now I cant find my damn pics. lol Totally my luck!

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