And life goes on...

Crazy busy here. So much going on. Ryker did wonderful at baseball practice & got an awesome hit the next day when they practiced with another team. He has awesome coaches too!
I didn't workout all weekend but I am still on track. I hurt my knee rather badly as a child & it's starting to act up again. I spent 35 mins on the bike last night & 20 on the treadmill & by the time I got done it was really actin up.
I got a rather nice email from Chris' new girlfriend. It was nice but I will be honest & say that when I saw the pic of the two of them, it made me cry. And the the truth is I am totally happy for them but I am a lil sad. I hate that I can't just be thrilled fully for him. But I guess no matter how long it has been or who he is with this will always be somewhat hard for me. He was my first love & thus far my only one. And the thing is him dating other people has never gotten to me like this but this girl is different. I know this is the one. I know he will marry her. I have no doubt. We women know these things. Mark my words.
My parents have been 30 years as of saturday. WOW! No words for that. Such awesomeness!
I got a raise at work a few weeks ago. It was a nice surprise. =)

With my lil man off to school & *K* sleeping in our bed, this girl is heading to tan & starbucks. Have the fabest day ever! *smoochies*

Oh & *K* found this awesome lil pic & with our Mt. Dew love, we thought it was perfect! ;)

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Lis said...

Yay for Ryker!
Hugs girly miss you *smooch*