Girl's Night Out

So, my best friend & I went out last night sans the kiddos & had a great time. We had an great dinner at our favorite restaurant, the BEST mixed drinks we have ever had & went to a late movie. It was great to have a night away & just do stuff that we dont really get a chance to do, just the two of us. Now, she & I go out & stuff but we have your kids with us most of the time or we are meeting up late at night for a few drinks. So this was a refreshing change. The movie was OK but it wasn't that great. It was The Number 23. Which is my number in case you didn't know. lol We both needed breaks from everything & we had loads of fun! Hell our waitress thought we were a couple & we just lived it up! lol I need a girls night every week. It's good for the soul!

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