7 years old

My baby turned 7 yesterday. It's really bitter sweet for this lil MaMa. My baby is no longer a baby & he hasn't been for awhile but it's just getting harder each year. On one hand I am delighted that my child is thriving & growing like he should. Then on the other hand, I am sad. He is getting far more independent, he doesn't NEED me the way he has NEEDED me in the past. It's all hard. *sigh* He just isn't my baby anymore. I mean he will ALWAYS be my baby, even when he is grown & rockin his own babies to sleep. He will still be my baby.

We did have a great party! Lot's of lil kids everywhere & tons of fun! Good food, even though tryin to get a cake for this party was total HELL. A whole other blog right there. But all that matters was a good time was had by all.

I love you lil man!! *MUAH*


Renee said...

Happy Birthday Ryker!!!

Renee said...
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