This ride is awesome!!

First off, Congrats to my girl, Tam, on the birth of her new lil Prince, Harrison! He is so totally gorgeous! I want to hold that sweet lil man so bad! And I got to talk to Tam this morning, which totally made my day! I miss my girls so much! Again, congrats to Scott & Tam! Love you soooo much! Kiss the lil prince for me!

Well, I think I can say that Ryan's mom just doesn't like me. He told me that she doesn't hate me, she is just upset that we are not going to live in Ohio. That he was suppose to buy the house next to her & we were suppose to make 10 grandbabies for her. So, she is just upset about that but that she totally loves me. Nice try, babe.

And guess what? I don't get married in Maui anymore. It hit me yesterday, I don't want to. I just want to start a life with this amazing man. I don't care where or when we get married. I just want him. That's it. I am hoping I can talk him out of Maui now! lol

My new phone is totally jacked up! It's so stupid. It plays the wrong ringtones. Sometimes I can send pics, sometimes I can't. And so on. UGH! I don't know.

So, my birthday is Saturday. I am going to be 26 years old. Im kinda scared. But Ryan will always be older than me!! (Had to babe, you know it!)
Oh & here is a new pic of the Cowboy, aka Ryan. God, I am so in love with this man! And he is such a good sport! <3

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