Day 4: Crash & burn baby

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Feel a lil better after a night of sweating this crap somewhat out of my body.
Still not 100% yet but hoping to be by tomorrow.
Starting a crash diet Sunday or Monday. Not sure which yet.
Lot's of veggies & it should help me get my immune system back up & runnin.
I started gaining some weight & then pretty much stopped working out
when Ryan came into the picture so now I have gained plenty of weight. It's totally
embarrassing & I just want to cry. Although, the crazy thing is weight in general doesn't bother me.
It's just when I gain weight that it bothers me.
I have no will power.
So, I hope I can stick to diet. Wish me luck. I totally need it.
My girl, Shounda, has a birthday this weekend. Hope to take her out Monday or Tuesday.
So, tomorrow is the day Ryan & I were suppose to get married.
Like I said before, so not upset about not getting married.
Nor, do I miss him. Not really. It's just all coming to an end.
Something about it makes me sad. Just don't know what.
So, I hope there are lots of drinks flowing this weekend.
And there should be since my fave place has 18 oz margaritas for $2.50!
Met in new someone. Seems like a really rad new friend.
Oh, big pat on the back for me for cleaning last night even though I felt like road kill.
Also, soooo thrilled that Big Brother 8 started.
I loved the first 2 & somewhat got into the all star one but none other.
Don't know why I got so pumped about this one.
But I did.
And I still am.

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