I kinda went missing in action there.
Been in a HUGE amount of pain.
My back. Again.
Such pain I haven't felt in a very long time.
My Dad is taking Ryker out tonight for a "boy's night".
Nice to have a break & good for the two of them.
I was hoping to use this time to spend with my new friend but alas.
We are suppose to go to the zoo saturday as long as it's not raining.
I think Daniel & I are more excited about going than Ryker & Mason. lol
Ryker wants too but Mason is just 2.
Hope it doesn't rain.
And my back feels better.
I made this totally kick ass CD cover for Brandy's mixed cd I made.
Totally syked to give the gift to her.
This pic was taken last night of the new friend.
His name is Daniel BTW.
He is my neighbor. Small world.
And yes, he really is just a friend.
But he is HOTT!
And Punk.
With the sexiest lip ring.

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