Sick as shit this girl is.
I hate being sick.
Being pregnant & sick. Sucks balls.
Got Layla's bedding today. Love it!
Can't wait to put her bed together now.
Thinkin about selling Homemade Gourmet.
Love there stuff & it will give me some extra needed $$.
My Daddy is suppose to bring me my comfort, sick soup this evening.
Yay for being a daddy's girl.
Oh & Target has gotten rid of my beloved Cupcake baby stuff.
Totally bummed about it.
Matches my sicky icky mood.
Oh & eat crayons (I think I know your name but Im not about to put it out there lol) yes, I did get my bedding from the same place you get sweet baby E's. =)


oceans5 said...

Being sick sucks especially when you are preggo. I hated it. Hope you feel better soon girlie. Can't wait to see Layla's bedding all put together and her room. You HAVE to post pics. Now go eat some soup and rest.

Anonymous said...

I hate being sick! Our whole house hold is sick! I hate it!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I hope you feel better soon!

EatCrayons said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick, I surely hope that you're feeling much better now. Being sick and pregnant is the PITS!

Cool deal on the babe bedding.I can't wait to see her crib all put together..awwww. :) We got Baby E's really cheap too. Admittedly I watched it for months going for bucks, and finally I lucked out..highest bid at like $40 with shipping. Woohoo! I was like shaking when I realized I won. lol