The Start Of Something Fabulous!!!

OK, some of you may remember that close to 2 years ago, more like a year & a half ago, I was talkin about something big was going to happen. I also said that it might take some time, it wouldn't happen over night, closer to a few years. Guess what? I think the time is upon us!!
Guys, I can't say much yet (it's KILLIN me) I wanna share sooooo freakin bad, but all good things must wait. I may have been a little ahead of my time. Having a girl has really put my in that frame of mind. Well, honestly just having another kid helped but a lil girl kinda pushed it. Again, this is not set in stone. No specific date has come out yet but soon guys. Soon. And you will be the very first to know all about it. Cross those fingers for my lil bunch & this wonderful news for us! Not only is this great for me but my sweet babies!! YAY! I am so excited!! Stay tuned for the big announcement!!!


Lis said...

Argh woman you know im impatient lol
Got everything crossed for you!!

oceans5 said...

You are gonna drive me crazy with the suspense now girl! Fingers crossed for you:)