Help needed

Here is the bedding we got. We found it at walmart of all places & we love it!

Im decorationg the new house & need some help with where to look online. Here is some of the color & themes to rooms that we know for sure we want to do. It's a hodge podge of different things but it's what we want. Help me with places to look online & google searches. And if you just have a fave place online. Thanks!

Kitchen: Red color theme with black & yellow, Roosters, French country theme mainly.

Living Room: Black & white color theme. Other than that it's not set.

Ryker's bathroom: Skull/pirate theme

Our Bathroom: Black, white & hot pink with Zebra print accents.

Our bedroom: Black & Red. Lots of black iron work through the room as well.


oceans5 said...

For the kitchen my aunt has a bunch of Rooster stuff and she mostly finds stuff at Hobby Lobby. They have a ton of french country stuff and when you use the coupons or wait for their 50% sales it is even better.
I will be on the look out for other places for you. :)

oceans5 said...

Hey you need to go read my latest post. I gave you a blogging award!!:)