What's been going on...

A lot would be the answer. With all the stuff that goes on when someone dear dies. We knew how special Chief was to us but my goodness that man was loved by so many! What an out pouring of love & kindness we have received. Visitation there were hundreds of people with a line that was all the way through the funeral home, out the door & through the parking lot. All for my Daddy. Funeral was just the same, well it was a memorial service as he was cremated. What an awesome feeling for us that are left behind. To know that so many people were touched by this great man we called husband, father, son & grandfather.
And I miss my Daddy sooooooo much. I can't even begin to explain the void that is left in our lives. Nothing is the same, everything is different. I have never experienced anything close to this. This feeling is the worst. I just want my Daddy back. Now, all that is left of his earthly body lays in ashes in my Mother's dinning room until we do what we want with them. This great man who loved his family & gave so much to everyone is nothing but ashes. And as I write this I must stop because my heart aches in such a way that I know I must stop before it gets too much for me to bear.

Now, two days before Chief had his heart attack my brother broke his ankle leaving the movies. He had surgery Saturday morning & the next night had to have an emergency release from the hospital to come to the hospital our Daddy was at to say good-bye. Chief hung on for 3 more days though. So, during all of this Brant (my brother) was in a wheelchair with a broken ankle that had just had 2 plates, 4 screws & a pin put in to it. BTW, Chief is what Ryker called my Daddy. It was his grandpa name. Most people ended up calling him Chief as well.
A week to the day after Chief's services I got a phone call from my Mother telling me that her 20 year old nephew was just found dead. He would have been 21 two days later. The day we put him in the ground. My Mom's sister only son. Her baby. Just heartbreaking.
Jaxson old roommate was killed in motorcycle wreck this past weekend as well. It's too much.
But for some GOOD NEWS: Jaxson & I will be getting married on Wed. So, in two days I will be Mrs. Jaxson Howard!!
I just wanted to check in for a min but now I need to get ready for the Dr. I have my 6 week check up today & I get my surgery date as well. And oh yeah, one of my best friends, Shounda, is in labor as we speak! I can't wait to met Mr. Hunter Lee!!
BTW, my cam has been missing since all this shit has happened. So no new pics. I hope everyone is doing well. Please keep us in your prayers. I love you!


oceans5 said...

I am so sorry for everything that is going on. That is a ton of stuff to deal with. You are in prayers and CONGRATS on the wedding. You will get through it all. Miss your posts. Love ya.

dont eat the token said...

*tears in my eyes*

God bless you all.

I believe you are married by now ~ super congratulations! This year has already been monumental. It takes my breath away. You are strong and can continue on!