Halloween Swap! Sign up ladies!!

***UPDATE*** Thanks to all of you who have signed up! I also have had some ladies from myspace to sign up! It's going to be so much! Be the first person to sign up with a friend & get a goodie bag of treats from me! So, sign up & pass this along! Just remember to have your friend contact me with your name so I know who to send the surprise to! I have already started on my swap package! I am so stinkin excited about hosting this swap! I already have plans for the next one. lol BTW, for those that have signed up, I was wondering what you thought about price limit BEFORE shipping. I was thinkin a max of $20. But that is the max. But I also know that we could do it somewhere between $10-15 & still have a nice swap. Throw some ideas my about that. And as of now there are a total of 11 people & that includes myself. I will be posting the rules & the finial dollar amount to spend BEFORE shipping in the next few days. I will also have the mail by date in that blog as well. Any other questions, comments or directions then contact me here or at SpaceCadetStac23@aol.com

Remember the swap I posted about the other day? Well, my beautiful soul sister, Tam, and I deiced on the theme last night. HALLOWEEN! ( Eat's crayon's Im totally going to have my heart broken if you dont join in! ) I am giving you ladies until next Monday, August 25th to sign up.

Here is how we are going to work it. Every lady will be given the name of one of the other ladies who signed up for the swap. You put together a lil package for the lady who's name you were given. Anything you want to send but it has to do with Halloween. And at least one handmade item goes in the package. Whatever you want to make, it doesn't matter. Anything from a magnet to a frame to a bib or something for the scrapbook, it doesn't matter as long as you make it. Everything else in the package can be bought. And be creative when wrapping up the package for your partner!

More on the details closer to the end of the week. Sign up ladies! This is going to be fun!! Email me at
SpaceCadetStac23@aol.com for anymore details or questions.

I already have a ton of great ideas for my package! Let's have some fun girls!


EatCrayons said...

Well goodness, how can I not join? Ya called me out...and shucks, Halloween!? I'm there.

Lis said...

Im in but you knew that!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I so want to be in!