More About The Halloween Swap & Secret Pal info.

Since I have talked to a few of you about the Halloween swap & some of you don't know what kind of swap it is let me clarify.

This is not a swap where you make one of something & send it to each & every single lady who signed up. I know a lot of scrapper who do swaps where they make one of something such as a card or the like and they make enough for everyone who signed up & send it. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SWAPS.

This swap is totally different. One lady will get the name of another lady, just one lady. She will get a package together for this ONE person & this one person only. You must make one thing yourself. It doesn't matter what it is but it has to be made & must match the Halloween theme of the swap. You can make a card, something for the scrapbook, alter something, make a bow if they have lil girls, make a frame, a pot holder. Anything you want as long as YOU make it. Then along with the handmade item you send other Halloween goodies as well. Candy, post it notes, pens, candles, scrap stuff, ribbon, socks, cupcake liners, cups, decor. Whatever your heart desires. Then wrap it all up, one big package, basket or all small wrapped up packages, before you ship. Then place in a box or whatever you are mailing it in.

There will be a price limit but I want the ladies who are signed up to play in this swap to give me their feedback before I set the limit. I was thinking a max of $20.00 BEFORE shipping but it could be done for cheaper & still turn out nice.

Again you must sign up before midnight Monday, August 25th. After that I will give each of the ladies the name of the person they will be making the swap package for. Along with the deadline of the day the packages need to be mailed out & the price limit.

Any other questions you have please feel free to contact me. Thanks!! I am so excited about this! It's going to be so much fun! I plan on hosting holiday swaps from now on just for reference. I would also like to find out about other swaps to join in on. And I would also like to start a secret pal/sister circle. So, if you are interested in that contact me as well. Can you tell how excited I am?!? lol


lovejustice said...

I'd love to join the swap if you still have space! Please let me know!

dont eat the token said...

Hey doll
I can't join your swap but it sounds very inventive and fun!

Love the cutesy pink bib with bling skull. Perfectly punk!

Congrats on your new apartment. It sounds absolutely perfect! I once moved down the hall and around the corner ... see if you can get a large rolling cart (like a flat bed cart), it makes things SO easy. Just run down the hall and come back for more. Good luck!