Drama (a post to vent)

So yesterday I said something about the crazy sister that Jaxson has.
I said from day one that I would have problems with her & boy was I ever right.
This girl is two-faced, a liar, and totally off her rocker.
And Im being nice saying that.
No joke.
Now today after all of us leaving her alone. Not talking to her, seeing her, nothing at all, she texted Jaxson to ask if she could come get Layla.
???? Are you for real????
Then gets super pissed off when he tells her no.
Um, hello? Where the hell have you been the last two weeks??
She then goes on to say that she is going to make my life hell.
Ok. That's the way to go.
Jaxson told her point blank that she had nobody to blame but herself.
Well that pissed her off even more.
She then goes on to say that she is going to turn her grandmother on him.
OK, for those that don't know Jaxson's grandmother pretty much raised him & he loves her to death.
On one hand I can't see his grandmother turning on him but at the same time we have just got a taste of what this lil girl has done. She has turned the story around, upside down & sideways to make her look good. She even bold faced lied several times about it. Jaxson confronted her about that as well. Told her straight up that if she wanted to talk shit then go ahead but tell the truth & don't make it up as you go along to make yourself like better. He then goes on to say that she went over my head & disrespected me & that he would not stand for that.
She then says that she is his family & how could he pick me over her.
Jaxson's response: SHE IS MY FAMILY! And goes on to tell her that she doesn't & can not understand because she isn't married. Nor really been in a "real" relationship.
I just don't get her.
Nor do I care to.
I got super upset when this all started but somewhere along the way I just made
up my mind to let it go & not talk about it anymore.
No reason to let her childish ways upset me or my family.
It was over & done with for us.
But now she wants to be Miss Bad Ass & cause more problems.
I want to talk about this in depth but 1. Don't have the energy 2. Don't feel like wasting my time on such nonsense. 3. I refuse to get upset at a bunch of lies thrown around by some one acting like a child.
I feel bad enough for getting this far into it. I just need to vent. I need to get it out & be done with it.
My best friend keeps reminding me that I knew this was coming. I no joke from the day she contacted me after she found out I was pregnant said there would be problems with her. I just had no clue that she was this fuckin crazy.
Jaxson said that there is a reason she has no friends & people can't stand her.
I totally understand that statement now.
More so than ever.
I guess the only thing that upsets me other than her lying her ass off is that she has caused Jaxson & me to fight about shit that we shouldn't have. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but she has caused problems.
And get this she had the gall to say something about Ryker.
Well, look here you bitch you can have beef with me all you want but the second you bring me kid into your childish games, MAMA BITCH comes out to play.
Anyway, that's about as much as I can get into right now.
And for some reason I have a feeling this will not be the last time I need to vent about this lil child of 22.
So, if you made it through this, thank you.


oceans5 said...

Ok..I read all of this and I just have to say that your sentence about "mama bitch" made me LOL. I totally know what you mean. Who would say stuff about a child? She is really showing her immaturity. So sorry you have to deal with all of that. I know it is hard but I would just try to ignore her. Maybe one day she will grow up. I emailed you back a few minutes ago. :)

Tam said...

Lovin you :)

Tam said...

Lovin you :)

Antonia said...

Mama bitch.. LOL!!! I love your feelings! haha

SHe is a bitch! I am sorry she has to be your sis in law!

I really hope she leaves ya alone and go mind her own business.

Nobody needs drama!