Ramblings & A Challenge to all my blog friends (with a give away)

The yummy cocktail susage we ate! We also had rotel dip! Yummy!
These I just threw together cause I had the stuff & thought it might be good. Biscuts flattened & stuffed with susage & cheese.

And of course the boys had to have their beer! lol

My brother came over Sunday to watch football with Jaxson. A good time was had by all but I stayed super busy running to get them beer, running to the store to get stuff to make snacks. And truth be told, I loved every second of it!

I always wanted a marriage were I could do things like that. My husband & brother get along great, they love each other. They are so much alike & love the same things. What a blessing! Believe me I know what it's like when one of the family's don't get along. My Daddy pretty much hated my Mother's family & truth be told I can't never blamed him. My Mother's "father" is nothing short of a waste of life & her brother is totally pathetic. Harh but the truth hurts. And of course Jaxson's oldest sister is blah. So, yeah I know. It was a great time just my lil family of four & my brother here.

We talked about what we are planning on doing while in Dallas the 22nd & 23rd of this month. Sunday the 23rd (mine & Jaxson's 4 month anniversary btw) there is this huge celebration & dinner for the donor families at Southwest Unv. in Dallas, TX (I believe thats where it is). My Daddy was an oragan donor and as a matter of fact we know for sure that two people (a man & a woman) had their sight totally restored because of the loving gift my father left them. =) So proud of that!! We are going up to Dallas the night before & trying to find some fun to get into! We really want to go to a Stars game but we are meeting some family for dinner & the game starts at 7 so we dont think we make it. So, if yall know of anything, let me know!

OK, now to the challenge! I want my blog friends to post every single daystarting today, Monday Nov. 10th until Thanksgiving day, that they are thankful for. It can be just one little sentence or it can be a whole blog but you MUST POST SOMETHING YOU ARE THANKFUL EVERY SINGLE DAY! Then the day after Thanksgiving I will randomly draw a name out of all of those who played along & mail a surprise to you! Something just for you. Not your partner or your kids but for you! I will start today myself but not in this post. A post later in the day. So play with me! Not only will you have a great list of things that you are thankful for but you could get a nice lil surprise too!

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What a cool idea. I am going to do my quick little post right now. :)