Thankful (11-19-08 post)

So, I was getting in bed last night (early for me) and it dawned on me that I didn't post my thankful blog for the day and I *almost* got back up to blog about it BUT because of the two reasons I was getting in bed earlier than normal I changed my mind.

1. I have the *HARDEST* time getting to sleep! I mean the hardest time. And I was already tired & afraid that if I got up I would stay up.

2. I got my sweetheart of a husband to climb in bed with me early & watch "The Notebook". I have been trying to get him to watch his movie with me forever! He has never seen it all the way through last night & always bitching about me wanting him to watch it. And some of you may recall that one the biggest & sweetest things Jaxson has ever done for me, really the start of our relationship, had to do with the "If you're a bird, Im a bird". So, I wasn't getting up out of bed to blog! lol

And yes, my post for yesterday's thankful post that is being posted now is for that very reason! FOr having the sweetest husband who does things he doesn't want to for me! We had a wonderful night laying in bed, cuddling, playing, & watching the movie! It was nice & refreshing! I truly love my husband with all my heart & soul!

The pic was taken Sat. at the wedding.

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