Just for me

Last night after Jaxson & Layla were in bed I sat down with my copy of New Moon & the yummy ice cream Jaxson picked up for me. I had a wonderful time just reading for 2 hours & stuffing my face with ice cream! It was a great thing to recharge me. We are going to the movies to see Twilight sometime this weekend but we already have a super busy weekend so Im hoping that the movie doens't get pushed back any farther.

Friday night I have a Christmas party with the girls.

Sat. We have to get Christmas shopping done but Jaxson works all day. And I need to do our grocery shopping & all that as well.

Sunday we have Jaxson's Christmas party for his work & we were planning on going to see Twilight after that but I doubt we will have time.

Keep in mind Jaxson works all of these days. Oh well I guess thats the joy of being the boss, right?

Now Im off to get a few more pages read while Layla is still asleep. I think she is going through another growth spurt cause she has really been sleeping the last few days but she has always loved her sleep. Smart girl! =)

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