What Im Doing & Create Something Every Day (Day 2)

The Before...
The after! The colors are off & there is a glare but you get the idea.
Just a simple Shadow box frame that I spray painted, some scrapbook paper (its red, not pink) and a wooden letter that I also spray painted. This is going in the entry way. I think. It may end up in our bedroom.
*What I'm reading: Still Blogs! And Im also reading It Happened In Texas. Just a quick read with tons of historical happenings in the state of Texas. Pretty neat
.*What I'm watching: Not much of anything. My DVR is full of "my shows" but just not feelin TV this week.
*What I'm listening to: Top 40 radio. Sux.
*What I'm wearing: Comfy pajama pants & a dress shirt. lol How did that happen? lol
*What I'm eating: Im loving me some crunchy potato burritos from Taco Bueno right now. YUMMY!
*What I'm enjoying: Some Down time.
*What I'm sniffing: Been wearing this Pairs Hilton stuff Jax bought me for Christmas. Smells pretty good but it's really light & sweet so it's better for spring than my other.
*What I'm working on: Bunches of stuff! Busy week! Stay tuned for more!

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EatCrayons said...

Wow, that turned out really neat. Check you out, all crafty and creative. Where are you getting all of your ideas?

Cool w/ the book on historical Texas. In truth, I really don't know much about Texas.

I wanted to get back to you about baby signing, I hope you see this comment. I have been trying to comment on your blog for over a week and it continues to time out on me. We started signing with Eibhleann when she was about nine/ten months old. It's never too late to start, even if they've already begun to talk so, start! There are still things they need to communicate to you, but can't verbalize and signing makes it so much easier. Definitely go the ASL (American Sign Language) route. We started with this http://www.amazon.com/Sign-your-Baby-Language-Reference/dp/0966836707 You find a ton of information online, and cute videos on Youtube even. It's been a lot of fun, and we're still learning tons all of the time! :)