Let me introduce you to...

My sweet nephew, Jace!!! Isn't he just precious!?!
I can't wait to spoil him rotten!
And then send him back home!!

What Im doing...

*What I'm reading: Just finished Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews. I love her books, so funny & sassy! Not sure what Im going to start now. I bought a bunch of books from Goodwill and garage sales over the last few weeks but nothing has just jumped out at me. .

*What I'm watching: Twilight is playing right at this moment but I just finished watching tonight's new The Office and 30 Rock. I gotta say this was the BEST Office. Ever!

*What I'm listening to: No Doubt baby! I told Jaxson I should really pick up a new copy of Tragic Kingdom as mine is long gone and he totally surprised me with a new copy on Tuesday! <3

*What I'm wearing: Capri pj pants & a tank.

*What I'm eating: Out! Far too much eating out here over the last week. I haven't cooked at all in over a week. BAD.

*What I'm enjoying: I've been way to busy to enjoy anything. Tomorrow I plan on going nowhere. Staying home all day & cleaning & getting rid of things. I am on this major purge binge. I want it all gone!!!

*What I'm sniffing: The BEST candle! Our local Goodwill's sell candles made by the disable and I bought one and I am sooooo glad I did. It smells divine, super cheap ($3.49), and really smells the WHOLE house up. I was walking by the front door the other day and I could smell it outside! Now thats what I call awesome!

*What I'm working on: A lil this, a lil that. I have been so busy that I haven't really had too much of a chance to get my craft on and Im starting to have withdrawals! I did think of the perfect little project for my living room and ran to Hobby Lobby the next day and they were out of what I needed. Sucked.

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