I was tagged on myspace. Im doing it here as well.
The 5 men in Hollywood you get you all hot & bothered. In no special order: Jude Law. In Alfie I totally blushed and *tried* to flirt back when he talked to the camera. lol
Jake Gllyenhaal. Talented. Beautiful. Kind hearted. Down to earth. Totally hope he and R.W. marry.

Joel Madden. Cute. Just a lil edgy. Family man. Tattoos.

Hugh Jackman. Um, What can't I say about this beautiful man?!? I drool over him. I would watch ANYTHING that he was in. ANYTHING. And he is an Aussie!! *sigh*

Robert Pattinson. I almost feel bad for putting him up cause he is SOOO the "it" boy right now. But he is total eye candy. Perfect. Work of art that boy. And as Edward Cullen he is almost the new Noah Calhoun. Yup, I said it. Didn't think I would ever say that but I did. Get over it.
Thing is Im not really that into 5 guys in the Hollywood scene so I had to add a few more that while yes I do think are very yummy not by any means would I throw my wedding vows aside for them all.
SO, with that said Im going to host a contest.
Correctly guess which of the above Stars would make me temporarily forget that I was married (and do things I can't even begin to type here) in a comment by Saturday night at midnight and whoever guess's correctly will be entered in for a super giveaway! After the first 5 comments I will give a teaser of what the prize will be. Believe me, it's a good one!!
Post the contest on your blog and even if you don't guess correctly I will still enter you in to win!! Become one of my followers and that will get you another entry!
Now, what 5 stars make you swoon???


Candy Hart said...

I will comment - my guess is Jude Law because sister, I would tear that guy up if i had the chance!!! Watching him in The Talented Mr. Ripley was awesome!! What a behind!!!

EatCrayons said...

I just watched 'Australia' the other night...Ummm, Hugh Jackman, swoon. The world could come to a crashing end, and if he said it were alright, I'd believe him. :)