Kinda Scrapbooking...Right??

I've tried countless times to get back in the scrapbooking groove. Im just not feeling it really. And honestly a lot of it has to do with having to pull all that crap out (I am one of those that needs all of my supplies right in front of me), trying to design my layout, then start cranking the suckers out, and then I have to put all my crap back up. Just not something Im feeling at the time.

But Im trying.

Slow baby steps.


I made several of these altered notepads and matching bookmarks for all the Mother's in our families for Mother's day.


glam R baby said...

Thanks for the comment!! I replied on my blog!! Thanks again girl!! XOXO

Stacia said...

Saw your comment on Just A Girl and noticed you were a 'Stacia'... I am too! You just don't see it that often so I thought I'd say HI =)
Your notepads and bookmarks are great...That would make a perfect teacher gift (I'm hunting end of the year presents)

EatCrayons said...

I consider that scrapping! :)
I have a big space dedicated to my scrapping, desk, shelving, and I still HATE pulling it all out knowing I have I have to put it all away when I'm done...so off-putting.