A Pillowcase Dress...or Two

Miss Layla's Halloween dress I made her.
(Close up of the fabric so you get a better idea)

I think that the ribbon I used for this one totally makes this dress! She wore it Friday night for the first time and we got ton's of comments!

(Again a close up but you still can't see all the detail of this fabric, I love it!)
These two were my first sewing projects that I did 100%, totally on my own.
Nobody helping.
No pattern.
Just me.
Im rather proud of myself! I think they turned out cute & were super simple.
I have more problems with my sewing machine than with the project itself! lol
As soon as I get all the kinks worked out of the machine itself, I will be crancking these dresses out by the dozen! I bought a TON of fabric before Jaxson lost his job.
Now, I just have to make the matching bows!


Carrie said...

Still lovin' the Halloween dress. :) You should make one for Layla using the Alexander Henry Halloween fabric, the Trick-or-Treaters. So cute.

dont eat the token said...

LOVE them! Keep working on those!