My Saturday

So, I went to see Jaxson & had a blast just hangin out in his store chattin it up with him. Turns out we know a lot of the same people & chances are our paths have crossed before but we are just now connecting. Well, later on that night my best friend, Brandy, & I went back to the mall. My first thought was oh, maybe I can see Jaxson again but I stopped myself from going to his store because I spent close to an hour earlier that day there. As we went into Bath & Body works (BTW, the Cinnabun lotion stinks!), I hear something & turn around & its Jaxson!! He stopped & we talked for about 15 mins or so, he said he was running down to Hot Topic & saw me. I just melted that he stopped me & wanted to talk. It was so sweet. He asked me to stop by his store before we left & I did. As Im leaving for the night he tells me to get on myspace cause he wants to send me a message. So, i of course do & we ended up talkin for over 3 hours. He told me that he just made up the whole story about Hot Topic cause he saw me walk by & that I didn't stop & he knew that he just had to see me again...bad so he made up the story about Hot Topic.( Insert the AWWW! here.) That he was sad when I left earlier today & that he was hoping I would come back & that it was fukin awesome that I did. Im soooo diggin this guy but we are both in a tight place. We both have some things going on that doesn't make this easy. BUT we both believe that if we are suppose to be together then it will happen. I dont understand why it always happenes this way. Like I said Im a sucker for punishment so Im gonna keep on for the time being.

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