Sucker for punishment

There is this guy that I met back in the Summer. He is awesome guy. Totally goofy, way hot & just a lot of fun! I always have a good time whenever I see him or talk to him. Well, for the past few days we have been talkin a lot more than usual. Before he left last night he asked me to come see him today at his work. Well, I really want to but I also promised myself that I would not date anyone or go out on any dates with anyone for the rest of the year at least. And while I know going to see him at work isn't a date, I also know that Im totally diggin what's going on with us & that it could lead to more. Why does this always happen to me? lol Oh, well Im a sucker for punishment so Im off to see Jaxson!! Wish me luck!! ;)

Oh & my friend Brian tweeked this pic of me. Its kinda cool so I thuoght I would share.


Tam said...

OMG I looooooove that pic of you..my gorgeous little hottie!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I hope you get this comment. You shoudl totally use this pic as your profile pic. I love it!!