Random happiness

*Got my new BLACK nail polish & it looks fab!
*Starting to like my naturally curly hair for a change
*Diggin the new whipped silk body lotion I got & the price too!
*The new smoky plum eye shadow that makes my green eyes pop!
*The way cute vintage look baby tee I got for $2 the other night!
*I get to stay home & play in pajamas all day!
* I have the whole week off & paid at that!
*Chris got his new phone & Im not missin him as much. (although, I always miss him when he isnt right next to me)
*I was told today by my crush that I am fuckin mad delicious!!
*My lil man is growing stronger, braver, smarter & even more handsome by the day! Just when I think that my love couldn't grow anymore for him, I am always proven wrong.
*Josh called last night & although we didn't talk long it was nice. I really don't wanna hate him so this was something that made me smile.

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