Everything happens for a reason...Right?

That has pretty much been my life's motto & I truly do believe that things happen for a reason. BUT does EVERYTHING happen for a reason? A lot has happened in the last two months that really makes me question this statement. Most of which Im not going to get into but I am so confused & conflicted. I feel so torn but at the same time part of me feels like this is the right thing. I can feel it in my bones that this is real, this is gonna happen. UGH!!! I have let this thing go on its own for awhile & I was ok with that but I am now to the point where I just feel like making it happen. Well, not making it happen but I sure as hell want it to hurry up! I was sitting at my best friends house tonight & it just hit me. All of it. Every single last thing that has happened in the last 6 months was leading up to this. Things have happened & cleared a path (for me, at least on my end) for this. Is this really it? Is this my destiny? Is this the start of my life? Is it really him? I hate that I have to question myself but could it really be that yes, this it. It would explain a lot that's for sure. Now, most of this isnt going to make sense to most but there is one person who will get this & to answer your question: I want it all! I want all of you, you & me everyday. Forever.

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