100 things about me part 1

1. I became a mom 2 weeks before my 19th birthday.
2. Born & raised in Texas. I refuse to live anywhere else. I am a Texas girl through & through.
3. I have been out of college for 2 years & I start back in 9 days.
4. Im totally excited & scared at the same time.
5. I would wear my pj's to work if I could get away with it.
6. I think I really would like to get married even though for the last year I have claimed otherwise.
7. I LOVE, LOVE mexican food but as a child I couldn't stand it & hated when my parents took us out for it.
8. I am a total girly-girl but I still have some tomboy tendencies.
9. I am obsessed with purses, makeup, & jewlery!
10. I wear flip-slops year round
11. I am total bookworm. I can read & read & read.
12. I used to HATE TV but Im starting to fund shows that make it worth watching.
13. Music is everything to me. Almost like a religion.
14. I was raised in Christian home but I dont believe in God.
15. I find peace & a sense of belonging in Buddhism. Although at this point I am not an active follower.
16. I have been in love once in my life. I still love him very much but he is no longer in my life.
17. Matthew McConaughey is from my hometown & bought my dinner at a local mexican joint once.
18. I have 2 brothers. 1 older, Gabriel (who is dead) 1 younger, Brant
19. My son carries his Uncle Gabe's name. It is something I am very proud of. I tend to call Ryker Baby Gabe just because I want to be reminded of my brother.
20. Most of my friends are male.
21. I have had 5 cell phones in 4 years. I cant find one I like. lol
22. I am totally obsessed with magazines. I can't even tell you how many I subscribe to because I honestly dont know.
23. In the last few months I have become obsessed with all things fashion.
24. I think I would die if I they stopped making Diet Mt. Dew. I LIVE of this stuff!
25. I also LOVE my coffee & I have to have it year round.
26. I LOVE beauty products! So much so I started a blog just about 'em!
27. I lost my childhood best friend 3 years ago & I still haven't gotten over it, Im not sure I ever will.
28. There are times I wanna give up altogether & then Ryker will do/say something or just look at me & I then all is well.
29. I use to be really tender but as I get older & the more life I live, I am a lil more jaded.
30. I still cry at the drop of a hat.
31. My parents are really incredible people. They amaze me.
32. I spent 89 days in jail but most people dont believe me when I tell them. Why the hell would I make that up?!? lol
33. In the last year I have really found myself or started finding myself.
34. I swore I would never ever pierce my nose as I didn't like it but I did that very thing last Summer & I love it!
35. While I dont believe in God one of my fave bands is the Christian band The Newsboys
36. My hair is naturally curly & I hate it. Thank goodness for my chi.
37. Next month my brother & I are going to Vegas!!
38. I would love to take really great photos.
39. Im pretty sure I will never have any nieces or nephews and it breaks my heart.
40. I own hundreds of shoes & purses.
41. Sometimes I fear Ryker looks at me the way I see myself.
42. My hair is dyed light/soft black & it looks better than my natural color.
43. My son has blonde hair & blue eyes. I have no idea where he got 'em either. lol I have brown hair & green eyes.
44. I believe everything happens for a reason & that everyone comes into your life for a reason as well.
45. Nothing makes me feel sexier than when I am taking care of myself & eating right.
46. I feel like I dont know who I am yet. I am only starting to discover who Stacia is.
47. I bleed burnt orange! UT fans in this house! HOOK 'EM BABY!
48. Im pretty sure every man in hollywood that I crush on is gay in real life.
49. My great-grandmother has been dead for almost 10 years & I believe she paid us a visit this Christmas.
50. I met my best friend through my cousin about 3 years ago. She & my cousin were pretty close & for some reason she & I hit it off & she dumped my cousin altogether. Sounds bad but if you know the whole story (and my cousin) you would understand.

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