100 things about me part deuce

51. I believe that we have all sorts of soulmates in our life not just the romantic type. My ex, Chris, no question my romantic soulmate. My friend, Jaxson, another soulmate but we are just connected in a very strange way that is un-explainable.
52. I think any picture even a bad one looks 100 times better by just turning it black & white.
53. I am obsessed with any & all things pink!
54. I LOVE sports! Especially Baseball, NASCAR, College Football, & Hockey.
55. I love playin bored games & card games.
56. I get depressed very easy & it's starting to become a problem.
57. I could eat chips & salsa 24/7! It's my fave!
58. I think that plastic bangles, bead necklaces & earrings are one of the coolest trends to come back.
59. I <3 Chuck Taylors!!
60. Even the girly-girl that I am, I LOVE skulls! I love seeing them everywhere.
61. My very first boyfriend, Micah, was my best friend in school & we still continue to talk to this day.
62. The one person on the face of this earth that I trusted to not hurt me did in fact hurt me. I dont think it could have hurt more if he killed someone I loved. It totally devastated me & still does to this day.
63. I think one of the best inventions of all times is the Chi hair straightner.
64. I am terrified that I will never be able to carry another baby to full term.
65. I live in jeans!
66. I have three tattoos but really only like one of them.
67. I think everyone is sexy in their own way.
68. I could eat a salad every single day.
69. I don't drink alcohol that often but when I do I tend to drink a lot.
70. I am afraid my best friend is going to move back to LA & in turn Im pushing her away already.
71. I *hate* pretty much all of my mothers side of the family. (Note: I didn't say all)
72. I shamelessly watch Hannah Montana every chance I see it on.
73. Right now at this very moment, I am dyin to watch Scrubs.
74. My counselor from school, in a weird turn of events, has become a very close friend.
75. My ex gave me this candle last year & while its my all time favorite scent & brand I am afraid to burn it for to long. I am terrified if I burn the whole candle that will be the end of us. Forever. And Im just not ready to let go.
76. I am a Republican but I have a lot of liberal views.
77. I support gay marriage. I believe that everyone, no matter who they love, should be allowed to marry & have the same rights as other married couples.
78. I love the Gyllenhaal's! Maggie & Jake both amaze me.
79. I have the BIGGEST crush ever on the guy who does the Progressive commercials. I think it's the salt & pepper hair. He is gorgeous! I want his babies!
80. I will (knock on wood) have my associates in Business this time next year & be working on my Bacholers in Marketing.
81. I am totally heartbroken over losing one of my soulmates & will always question if I did the right thing.
82. I "steal" my music from limewire. shhhh!!
83. I have a rather famous ex-boyfriend. And yes he is amazingly hott!!
84. My biggest fear is failing as a mother. Ryker deserves the very best.
85. I think Netflicks is one of the coolest things around.
86. The Devil wears Prada is one of my all time favorite books & I totally love the movie *almost* as much! I think I could watch this every single day.
87. When I was younger I watched Empire Records at least once a day. My Mom found it on DVD for me around Christmas & Im starting to watch it over & over again. I will never, ever grow tired of the kick-ass movie. DAMN THE MAN! SAVE THE EMPIRE!
88. I think big sunglasses rock!!
89. Chanel got me lovin black nail polish! I have been wearing it on my toes since Sept. & it has now moved to my digits as well. It looks fab!
90. I use to be a vegetarian.
91. I dont believe in God but I collect crosses.
92. I also collect cookbooks. I love retro ones!
93. I am a girly-girl, fashion lovin, white girl who LOVES her rap! Hardcore shit! It cracks people up.
94. I live across the street from a cemetery.
95. I HATE cleaning but my friend, Ren, turned me on to 15 min cleaning challenges & I could clean all day doing those.
96. Some of my best friends I have never even met. Some of which dont even live in this country.
97. I believe that a first kiss can tell you exactly where a relationship will go.
98. I have been engaged but never married.
99. My ex affectionately refers to me as his crazy white girl & I in turn refer to him as my crazy mexican.
100. I was a totally Daddy's girl growing up but we have drifted apart over the years & I miss that. But there isnt a thing in the world he wouldn't do or give up for me. or vise versa.


Renee said...

"""95. I HATE cleaning but my friend, Ren, turned me on to 15 min cleaning challenges & I could clean all day doing those.
96. Some of my best friends I have never even met. Some of which dont even live in this country."""

I'm famous TWICE!!!


Tam said...

Love you...Miss you beautiful, talk to you soon.