Happy Valentines day!!

I got today off from work & I am totally stoked about it! I am spending the morning watching The Devil Wears Prada & scrappin! I woke up with an earache from hell & sore throat. I just told my Mom that I thought I was getting sick. Really it is a perfect start to a day like this. Anyway, I refuse to feel sorry for myself or lay my happiness in anyone other than myself from now on. I am tired of being angry & I LIKE being happy so I am taking the proper steps to make that happen. School is so crazy & I got so damn behind when I burned my eye that I am pretty sure I am going to have to drop 2 classes. Totally sucks! I am getting off for now so I can go scrap! Totally can't wait!! Love to you all!! *smoochies*

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Lis said...

Happy Valentines day babe :)
Hope your not feeling icky for too long