Today's obsession: James Franco

I have always loved James Dean, I can't remember a time that I have not just been madly in love with the dead rebel. A few years ago I was watching the teen flick, Whatever It Takes & there was an actor in that movie that looked so much like James Dean, I instantly feel in love with James Franco. He is just as dark, good-looking & talented as JD. I had this dream about James the other night, which is totally crazy, but I can't stop thinkin about the guy since then. Which is fine by me. =)

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Dianna said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, girl!! Go get his James Dean Bio on DVD!! Franco aced Dean's look, mannerisms, slouch, EVERYthing!! NO WONDER he won an award for that film!! I've been 'obsessed' with Franco, too since seeing him in TRISTAN + ISOLDE and ANNAPOLIS!!
I had seen him in Spiderman & thought he was a good-lookin' guy but too skinny. Always liked him though! BUT NOW, I can't get enough, it seems! So I just HAD TO make a blog for him! Please come visit!

- Dianna