I feel the need, the need for SPEED!!!!

RACE DAY BABY!! Waiting all week & it's finally here! Sending lots of good, safe & winning vibes to my boy, Kasey Kahne! I love this guy! Cali is always a great race & today should be no exception! Go #9!! (*Note the first pic isnt mine but the other is)

Found an old friend on myspace & was totally syked about that! Steph & I use to have a blast at work & out. Good feelin finding an old friend.

I did indeed workout yesterday & tanned as well. I was rather proud of myself for pushing myself even when I didn't want to. Oh & I have lost a total of 17 pounds now! Yay! Lots a lot of inches. I am doing good & really proud of myself.

I don't know how but I feel as if I am fallin more & more in love with my lil man. Everything he does just amazes me. Just about 5 weeks till his 7th birthday & I am starting to see what the grown up Ryker will be like. Who he is. What he is about. I am overwhelmed & overjoyed at the same time. My baby isn't a baby anymore. There isn't anything about him that is "baby" any longer. He is so smart! I just love my lil man! It's kind of hard (seeing him grow up) but he bring such joy & pride to me I can't be too sad.

Well, I am outta here. Watching the pre-race stuff on speed & getting ready for lunch. I also gotta sneak some gym time today as well. Love to you all! *SMOOCHIES*

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