Leavin on a jet plane...

Baseball tryouts were called of due to the rain. And since it is the first year out of tee-ball they are not going to re-schedule them either. Mama took a huge breath of relief. Now, don't get me wrong, Ryker is an awesome lil player but I have no idea what the other Kidos look like. And since Ryker has never played & being that he is quite the sensitive lil man, Mama gets very protective.

Spent the rest of the morning shopping & getting lunch with my parents. I also got my blood pressure & cholesterol checked. Turns out that my cholesterol is a lil high, not much but it is. Gotta work on that. I am only 25 'effin years old. Insane.

I scrapped last night! Got two pages done & I am totally thrilled. I really liked how they turned out. Cute new stuff I got. I feel as if my mojo is coming on again. I am about to start on a new lil book of faves & vices. Can't wait to start that one!

I have no motivation to go work out today. None at all. I don't know why. I feel kind of guilty not going but I just dont wanna. Maybe I should make myself go. I dunno.

Race. Tonight. I can not fuckin wait! I have waited all damn week to see another race. So Busch race tonight. Cup race tomorrow. Hell yeah! And no I am not damn redneck. Swear.

Well, hell I am leaving to go tan & work out. Blah.


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Renee said...

Hello gorgeous. I hate that we don't get to talk anymore. Download MSN or Hello - come on!

Scary about your house!!! You and R ok? Hope so. Lose much?