Lots o'news...

So, early Tuesday morning we woke up to our house on fire. Yup, no joke. It was bad but not too bad. Everyone is OK so all is well. Spent the last two nights at my brothers. Had a great time just hanging with him yesterday. Keep Ryker home from school & the three of us just chilled.
My ex-boyfriend got back in touch with me & it was so awesome to catch up. I missed James so much but didn't really notice how much till he was back in my life. He is an awesome friend!
I got a much needed raise at work this week. Totally was not seeing that coming. Awesome none the less.
Ryker has baseball tryouts Saturday morning. I am a little shaken by this. See, this is Ryker's first year to play & most of the other kids have 2 years of tee-ball behind them. Not Ryker. He is such a sensitive lil guy I am scared for him. But none the less this should be fun! I LOVE LOVE baseball! And truth be known Ryker is pretty good.
I am soooo stoked that NASCAR is back for another season! Last week was a really great race until the last lap when that dip wad Kevin Harvick won. I can't stand that ass! I have been waiting all week for the weekend to come. Now, I need some beer... lol
Well, I'm outta here! Take care my lovies! *SMOOCHIES*


Lis said...

OMG babe, glad you are all ok.

Tam said...

Hello my sweet..I'm so glad you are all ok.
Ryker will be fine honey!!
Sorry I haven't been around darlin, doing it pretty hard at the moment..
don't forget I love you though!