Just a lil catchin up

*Wed. we are all getting new phones! Hells yeah!

*Here is to getting somewhat back on track now that *K* has his crew chief back.

*I am so busy these days. I planned on doing NOTHING this weekend but it didn't work out that way at all. I ended up doing a lot but we had fun. It was nice having the whole weekend off though.

*My fur baby, Duke, is such a cute dog! People are always commenting on what a good looking dog he is. Well, after seeing some of the boxer that I have this week, I know Im not just being his mommy when I look at him & think how cute he is. He is sooo dang adorable! Even though he just pooped on my carpet. I don't think *K* will be happy about this...

*I got a TON of new clothes for Ryker. I spent so much $$ (pray that *K* doesn't see the credit card bills), that even I am afraid to look. I also got some new clothes, shoes, makeup, purses & jewlery. We both needed them though. Ryker was out of clothes for Spring. He NEEDED them. So, help me not feel so guilty.

*Well, I am heading back to bed for the time being. I had to get Ryker off to school & feed & walk the dog but now I am going back to bed. My allergies are killing me & my meds have be so sleepy.

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