So, please don't think I am totally awful...please

I met someone. He rox my sox. Like hardcore. A lil scary but a lot wonderful. Rollercoaster. Amazing. Scared. Free. Everything. Yankee. Crazy. Yet, crazy wonderful. *sigh*

Got that new phone last night. Pretty neat lil thing. Totally makes me feel like a spacecadet though. lol It's pink! So, I love it.

I have UTI. Totally sucks. Kickin my ass. Im trying to keep chuggin along. I have fever & in some insane pain but Im still working. Yeah, cause Im a gangsta baby!

Still drinkin my Diet. Mt. Dew though. Can't pry my drank outta my cold, dead hands. Hells no! (am I totally ghetto fab or what?LOL)

If any of my girls still read this, I miss you. Heaps. I really do.

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Lis said...

MIss you babe *smooch*