'Cause Im the mothafuckin princess!!

*That kidney infection is back with a vengeance. Totally yuck!

*We got a new truck! An '07 Toyota Tundra. Ryan thinks we NEED a truck since "we may need to haul something, someday" & because he lives in Texas now. And every man in Texas needs a truck. At least that's what he tells me. Which is cool cause I got his '07 Jeep Liberty out of the deal.

*My sweet friend, Carlos, is totally rocking my socks today. The boy is totally hooking me up with some ringtones. Love it! I spend an ungodly amount of $$ of those suckers every month. So, a big thank you to my sweetie!

*Ok, this lil comment right here is for a "friend". He knows who he is & what he has done. I am at a total loss of words over what you have done. Not only to me, your wife to be, my husband to be, but yourself. GROW UP! I love you lots & I don't want to see you mess up your life again. You got back on track & everything is going so great for you. Don't mess it up. We all love you.

*Brandy is truly the bestest friend a girl could ask for. She really is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I love this girl more than anything! I would DIE for her. And I hope she knows that. I know she doesn't know just how amazing she truly is & what a beautiful being she is. I guess I am just going to have to drill a hole into her head.

*Just for the record: My Boobs are very much real! I didn't pay for them, I was blessed with these things. If one more person ask me or even says that they are fake I will fuckin scream! You better run! THEY ARE REAL & FUCKIN FABULOUS!!!

*Ryan's Mom seems to be coming around. Thank God! I am trying very hard to understand her but she just isn't making it to easy. But seeing Ryan & I together should be helping her & easing her mind. It's just a lot with everything else that is going on. I know that Mother/Daughter in law relationships are not easy but I swear she is making this much harder than what it should be.

*In a weird way I am kinda excited about this whole I ripped my whole foot open thing. Well, that not right. I am thrilled to have the time to do nothing. I can catch up on all those DVD's I bought two months ago. I can get some scrapping done. I can finish my books I just bought & started. I can look for furniture for our new house. Ryan has been telling me to slow down & relax & while I hear him, Im just not doing it. So, now I have to & I feel so much better already. Although, I have a feeling I am going to be going stir crazy very soon.

* I start new sleeping pills tonight. The Dr. did say that it will take about a week for them to work properly so that kinda sucks but if it helps in the long run, I am totally down for it!

*The pic of me was taken right before the Newsboys concert a few weeks ago. Sorry not so great, taken with my phone. And this one of Ryan was taken in a bar. Totally love it! I swear he never takes a bad pic!

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