I scrapped!

Haven't really scrapped in a long time. Still tryin to find my style. I am really pleased with the one of Ryan & the Vice one. Seems more like "me". I hope to find my mojo. Thats the best part of having my foot ripped open. I get to do nothing & scrap! I don't feel bad for sitting around scrapping today or this weekend cause Im not suppose to do anything. Anyway, be nice!


Lis said...

Yay! you scrapped!
They are all awesome babe, LOVE your handwriting!!
Hope your foot doesnt take too long to heal (although if it means you can sit and scrap do you really want it to lol)
Miss you *smooch*

Tam said...

YAY you scrapped!!
Love them!
God I miss you honey!!!
Talk to you soon..
Love you....to infinity