Let the good times roll

This weekend was fun! Sat. night Ryker & I stayed the night with my bff, Brandy, & her lil girl. Had some good BBQ, a few drinks, & went swimming. Came back home & watched goofy movies all night. Good times had by all. I wish had some pics but I was too busy living in the moment to think about pics. Crazy for me. Anywho, fun was had!

Sunday (fathers day) was also great. We had both sets of my grandparents over for lunch (grilled on the BBQ again) and Ryker went home with his Nanny & PawPaw. They are going to try to keep him for the whole week. If all goes as planned than my parents (Ryker's Gangle & Chief) will pick him up Friday after work. As my brother & I are hitting the road at lunchtime on Friday! (More in a min on that). So, we played card games & watched nothing but sports all day. It was awesome! We watched the race, golf (didnt care for that), College world series & then Yankees vs. Mets last night (I watched that with my friend, *R*). Had a great time just chillin.

So, my brother I made up ours minds that we are leaving Friday at lunch time & heading up to the DFW are to see the Texas Rangers play the Houston Astros! Hell yeah baby! I am so thrilled! I LOVE baseball! Nothing like going to a game, eating some hotdogs & drinkin a beer or 5! lol I can't wait & I so hope nothing happens & we aren't able to go. I will just be totally sad!

Anywho, this chic is off for a day of relaxing & shopping! *smoochies*

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